Our Team

Ron Pinkerton


42 years experience in the apparel industry.

Ron has managed multi million dollar companies and currently owns and operates 2 highly successful custom made complex sports apparel facilities in the Dominican Republic. Ron started as a teenager unloading the dock where his mother worked at a garment manufacturer in Mississippi. His journey through the industry has taken him to new levels becoming a dynamic and a highly successful business owner. Ron’s accomplishments are vast and great. Ron has become very successful exceeding customer’s expectations and delivering on his commitments. Quality, character, trust, and a winning attitude continue to be a staple in his business and personal life

Mark Blair

Executive Vice President

42 years experience in the apparel industry.

Mark has the ability to increase revenue and maintain profitability utilizing the latest technology and implementing the most efficient processes. Mark manages over 1300 production operators and has a staff of 10+ engineering and management personnel. Mark’s expertise lies in manufacturing complex, short run, high volume, custom made sports apparel.

Gemma Castro

General Manager

25 years experience in the apparel industry.

Gemma has a BS Degree in Industrial Engineering with multiple certifications, including GSD General Sewing Data, Business Certification in PDD, and Safety and Security Management diploma. Gemma was Engineering Manager for over 4 years prior to being promoted to General Manager. She is highly talented in managing and meeting quality/customer specifications. Works well with each department to maximize profitability and productivity. Her expertise lie in utilizing personal communication skills to maximize production while maintaining a high level of quality standards.

Floricelda Fernandez

Quality Manager

24 years experience Industrial Engineer with strong knowledge in textile industry.

Floricelda possesses management experience in product development, quality control, customer service, planning and personnel training. Dynamic and proactive with defined goals, she believes in people and looks forward to accepting new challenges. Floricelda is an expert Quality Manager driven to success.

Michelle Perez

Planning & Logistics Manager 

17+ years experience in the apparel business.Logistics, Planning, Materials, Product Development, Costing, Labeling, Packaging & Imprinting Solutions.

Having worked for ASA since 2013 and holding the position of Planning & Logistics Manager since 2016, Michelle is a dynamic team leader able to match her team member’s efforts to achieve their goals. Michelle commands strong, successful planning skills. She is focused on follow-up and experienced on supply chain management

Julissa Cepeda

General Manager

18 years experience in the textile industry. Strengths in planning and production.

An excellent manager whose overall objective is to meet or exceed customer’s needs and specifications, Julissa is a dynamic professional who has a commitment to the success of her team. She works well with peers and multiple departments meeting all that is required of her plus more

Angela Alvarez

Engineering Manager

15 years experience in analysis, control & reconfiguration of all manufacturing processes.Angela is an Industrial Engineer with a Master’s degree in Business Administration. Focused on conflict resolution & optimization of resources, Angela has the talents and skills to complete a winning team. attitude continue to be a staple in his business and personal life

Rafael Francisco

Cost Engineering

15 years experience in the industry.

Rafael has worked with one of the biggest Free Zones in Santiago, growing from the Production team to the Administration team. Rafael has proven experience in
Production, Quality Control, Quotation, Finance & Cost Analysis.